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Does Anyone Know???????

Hey there,

I posted here because this is an emergency concerning my fish and I need an answer as quickly as possible so that I can begin treatment. My fish have parasites I think velvet and I need to treat them asap!

I was treating them with Multicure that contained Malachite green and said it was for parasites including velvet. Any how the first treatment went just fine but disaster struck second treatment. I followed the instructions exactly it said to perform 25% water change and add 5ml per 20 litres of tank water. My tank is 80 litres so I added 20ml of medication then it said to retreat in three days which I did. It said to perform another 25% water change before adding the medication. I did a 50% change just to be safe and added 20ml again. It did NOT say on the bottle to only add enough medication for the amount of water that you changed and Malachite green weakens over time so I do not know what went wrong but it poisoned my fish. They all layed on the bottom gasping until I performed an emergency 90% water change.

I do not want to use this medication again and desperately want to get some Mardels Coppersafe however I have a problem, I live in Australia and no one over here sells it, no one. That seemed a bit odd to me and I was wondering whether it is legal here? It's active ingredient s only Chelated Copper Sulfate so I do not see why I could not order it online and get it posted to Australia but in case customs does not let it through I was just wondering if anyone here knows IS MARDELS COPPERSAFE LEGAL IN AUSTRALIA, WILL IT GET THROUGH CUSTOMS? Please your advice is greatly appreciated
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Here's a link to the Mardel website's Contact page. They should be able to give you this info.
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