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Strange behavior

Hey all, New guy here.
I picked my betta about 3 weeks ago along with a couple of snails. The tank is 2 gallons plastic/live plants and a little statue of three little frogs.
The tank has an underground filter system ( meh ) kind of works, but was producing way to many bubbles for such a small tank, so I started using a smaller pump. Now I get just a trickle of bubbles and a calm surface.
Hope that paints a good picture.
The problem started right away, Bacon (my Betta) started flaring at the snails and rubbing his body against them, almost vibrating. He now spends time at the top of the tank blowing and swallowing bubbles then Dive bombs the snails. It's kind of funny to watch, but ??? I've never seen this before.
I have had bettas and snails in the tanks before and have never seen this. So any advice would be helpful
Thanks in advance
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First advice.. remove the snails. A tank that small with those many snails you are asking for a sick betta - snails produce a ton of waste and ammonia, which builds up really quickly. I personally would never place a snail in anything under 5 gallons unless you do lots of water changes. If you keep the snails I would suggest 3, possibly 4 50% water changes per week (which can be stressful to the fish)- siphoning the substrate each time as they will lay a ton of eggs and will overcome the tank before you know it. You could get away with 1 snail, 2-3x/week water change, but ideally you want to remove the snails.

Bettas differ in their "personality", some don't mind company, others do not like it. As long as he is active and eating then he isn't overly stressed by them.. some of mine tend to pick on snails here and there.. just be mindful he may nip at them and could kill them if he figures out he can do so. Silly fish...
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I agree with Myates. A set-up that small really shouldn't have any snails in it with a betta.

I think Bacon's behavior is mostly territorial. He might not like the company of snails or any other tank mate. Pull out the snails and see how he acts without them there. If he acts more "normal" to you, then that was probably it. Or, if you insist on having the snails, a bigger set up with lots of plants and hiding places so Bacon has some privacy places.
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Forgot about that - the plants.. the snails will need lots of food - those algae wafers easily easily foul up the water and causes cloudy water horribly if fed regularly - which you will need to do to supplement their food without any live plants. In a tank that small.. just not a good idea.
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