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What happen to my fishes eye

what is wrong with my fishes eye? is this natural? her eye was like this since i got her, i tried treating her with internal bacteria medicine but no results.i also tried using Banana leaves , almond leaves and its still the same.i do not think its Popeye because my tank is very clean , its a one gallon and i change the water with some dried banana leaves every 5 days.My fish doesnt seem sick either , she is active,eats anything i give her and flares normally when seeing other fishes too.But her eyesight isnt that well, the food must be directly infront of her if not she cant see it.Any help would be very appreciated
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Is it one or both eyes that are cloudy?

Usually cloudy eyes can be due to- an injury/scar tissue, genetic related, high nitrate long term or cataracts.

Since she is otherwise acting okay, eat, swimming and responding to you-I would just monitor for now and maintain water quality with twice weekly water changes and good nutrition.

Keep us posted...
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Okay thanks, and its both of her eyes, i am planning on breeding her but afraid that the frys will end up like this
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