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Old 02-07-2013, 12:21 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Nov 2012
First baby betta! And isn't she a cutie! <3

I've finally done the first steps towards a female sorority: getting a couple females! So far, they're each housed in their separate tanks, and this right here is my little gem, Pinkie Pie (name courtesy of my pegasister roommate)! My male Orpheus is simply infatuated with the little thing and the other female! While I floated her in my male's tank, he went crazy and began to show off like a maniac! No aggression, just pure flirting! Poor little baby looked confused and didn't know what to make of it
She is very skinny so I'm wondering: would the frozen food I have now (a mix of brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia) be a good source of nutrition for her or no? She does gobble the stuff up if I put it in small amounts, and the other female does too!
Also, she's currently housed in a heated 1 gallon tank until the 10 gallon I'm buying tomorrow gets cycled. Would that be okay as a temporary home? The temperature in there is 78 right now. The other female is a 2 gallon heated bowl, same temperature.

Here are the new girls! Pinkie Pie is first, and the other girl is my little piggy Merry!
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Shes such a cutie!! I would switch it up. you definitely want to have pellets as a staple in the diet, and then maybe brine shrimp a couple days, and 1 day max/week of bloodworms.
Pellets have the best nutritional value, if she is too small to eat them, try crushing them, or you can get micro-pellets. I use hikari brand for my guppies, but that'd work for your betta as well. New life spectrum has a baby formula too (not specifically for bettas, but baby pellets)
1 gallon is perfectly fine. Just make sure you keep up with water changes to avoid growth stunting hormones from affecting her much. As long as you are able to keep the temperature steady, and water parameters good, I dont see a problem with keeping them in 1-2 gallons. They are so small and used to such a small cup, that I am sure they think they are in a mansion either way :)

I kept mine in a .75 critter keeper with heater up to 82 for 2-3 weeks before she got big enough to safely join my sorority tank. Never had a problem with it!
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I'll see what I can find for her then! I'll be going to my parents' house for the weekend and will probably leave feeding my bettas up to my roommate while I'm gone, so I'll see what I can find at pet stores on the mainland! Stores here don't have too much of a selection when it comes to fish products, sadly. I'll give her a nice water change either tomorrow night or early Friday morning so her water will be okay over the weekend
And you're right about her treating it like a mansion! She really loves it! Managed to fit two small silk plants in it, a skull hidey-hole, and a leaf hammock as decorations and she's constantly exploring the plants :)
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Gonna be a real heartbreaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, she will be. My little man is still all worked up from seeing both girls. He's constantly flashing his fins and trying to look impressive.
And I noticed she's instantly colouring up! Her reds are much more vibrant now and I can see some blue on her tail and dorsal! Perhaps she isn't a full cambodian like I thought? She's still very adorable though.
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