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Lazy betta

Latelmy Male halfmoon Armani has been super lazy and doesn't move arounf much at all. He doesn't show any physical signs of illness and is eating. What are some common causes for laziness. When I first got him he lived in a 2.5 gallon mini bow front acrylic tank with a filter and all that good stuff. I took him out because he seemed to be getting stressed and had fin rot so I thought it might be the filter but without the filter a tank that big was kind of hard to keep clean so I moved him into a half gallon bowl temporarily and then into a 1 gallon bowl. I just put him back into the 2.5 gallon without the filter to see if that would help but so far it hasn't although he's only been back in it for maybe a little over an hour. I haven't put the filter back in because I don't want to cause him any stress. I don't know how old he is because I got him from petco but could it be old age? he was fully grown when I got him.
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Not likely old age. Petco,etc. would lose money keeping fish around.

HMs with all that finnage: some just get tired of dragging it around, so they slow down and act lazy. Both of my HMs started getting "lazy" seven months after I got them.

My plakat is very active; my VTs were much more active than the HMs. As pretty as they can be, I probably won't be getting any more HMs for this very reason.
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What is the temp of the tank?

A 2.5g with no filter requires the same cleaning schedule as a 1g with no filter, and requires less cleaning than .5g :)

Usually the fish at Petco are anywhere from 3 months to 8 months.. give or take. He should still have a few years left on him..
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