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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
Not trying to be rude, and Callistra has you on the main issue..
Except it could be how you introduced him to the water, not that the water was different.. how did you acclimate him to both the temp/chemistry? How are you getting the new water to be equal temp to tank water? Etc..but gotta know..

How did they "adjust" the water to customize it for you? I mean.. they can't that I can think of.
All they did was most likely put in some water conditioner.. as mentioned, using the water you are using is actually detrimental to the health of your fish, and in the long run can end up killing him.

Honestly, you are "helping" a mom and pop store, which is great.. but I wouldn't use that water.. they didn't "customize" it, and it's not healthy. Buy it and dump it if you want to do good all around. Tap water is more ideal than what you are purchasing from them.

Tap water will become safe with water conditioner.. slowly introduce him.. start with 1/4 tap water for his weekly water change.. and then slowly add more % each water change.. or even daily remove a small % and add in the same % with tap water and in a week or so he should be just fine.
I introduced Luna to his water after making sure that the water sat in room temperature for about 5 hours. I used a glass thermometer after shaking the gallon up to make sure that the temperature was distributed equally (case it was warmer at the top, the counter top it was sitting on can be cold). The temp was only about one degree off, but I didn't think that would be enough to cause shock...I'll be more careful in the future, just to be sure.

The very first time I changed his water, I didn't acclimate him to the chemistry -- just the temperature. I made sure the tank and the little fish cup were the same temperature before I introduced him to his new home. He didn't act funny at all, a little surprised at first, but after about a minute started searching out the perimeter of the tank.

As for the tap water, I'm a little confused about what I ought to do. Should I get the two water sources tested and report back or just go out and buy some Prime to start preparing a gallon for his incremental changes?

I really appreciate all the important feedback, it means a lot.
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I would just get Prime and switch him over slowly to your tapwater. That's what you'll be using. It's a good idea to have your water checked, but you needn't get fussy about it. He'll acclimate to whatever potable water source you have.

Usually temperature-matching by feel is close enough for partial water changes. Use your thermometer until you develop the feel for it.

Many keepers are less casual than I am about these things, so this is just my way of doing it.
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