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Goodbye Froggins

Ever since Aquarius passed on Bilbo Froggins had been very hard to deal with, he seldom ever ate and I even moved him into a larger tank and then put him in a smaller 1 gallon tank to feed him since it was the only way he would eat. On Saturday I cleaned the tanks and everyone was accountable but yesterday when I went to feed him I couldn't find him. I checked all the plants and all his favorite hides and nothing. I then realized a terrible possibility that while cleaning the 10 gallon I left the lid off and left the room for a good half hour. Grabbing a flashlight I searched for him hoping there was some minor miracle that if he had escaped he would still be alive wandering my room. When I found him though that wasn't so, he was dried up some distance away from where he may have escaped the tank under my dresser. I couldn't write this up yesterday because I was so upset over him and his passing and I wonder had I shut the lid would he still be here. I'm not sure why he jumped out of the tank, maybe when I was cleaning he got so scared (he is terrified of gravel vacs now...or was.) that he felt the need to escape his habitat to get away from the fish eating monster that sucked up his friend. Either that or I thought maybe Nix found him and chased him out of the tank since she use to nip at him until I hit the glass and spooked her. Maybe since I wasn't in the room to watch her she figured she could go at him and he jumped trying to escape from her? Either way he had joined Aquarius in the giant sky pond above, I hope now they can be happy together as they were happy in life. It seemed Froggins was so miserable without him perhaps now he's keeping him company and trying to armplex him like he use to.

Not sure if I'll get another frog any time soon as I really loved my Froggins and I was looking forward to putting together the Shire. A moss planted 10 gallon tank with 4 ADF's and a little Hobbit Hole hidey house. I really wanted to make the Shire for Froggins because of his namesake but don't think i will anymore. Maybe some day I'll set up a cool little ADF tank but I'm going to stick with my betta for now. The people of the Aquarian tank are no more...this is a sad time for me.
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