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Exclamation How to do clean betta fish tank

I have a Betta starter kit and it

Contains: Betta Aquarium 1/2 Gal, Betta Bowl Conditioner, Betta Food, Aquatic Plant and Gravel

I am going to buy a heater since it doenst come with one and I read that it was best to do partial water changes. I wanted to know if someone can tell me step by step how to do that...

The only things that I have right now are the things listed above. Nothing else.
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Firstly, congrats on your betta! That's what I began my hobby with. a half gallon is, unfortunately, way too small for long term use. I wouldn't even add the gravel and the plastic plant might tear his fins (depending on what type tail he has).

For a half gallon, you should clean it twice a week 100%. This means cupping the fish in a small cup (by sucking him into it as the cup breaks the surface, tricking him into it with food or with a net) and cleaning all the water and decorations (which should only be one or two plants and maybe a small terracotta pot). Then rinse everything, fill it back up with water about the same temperature as it was (even a few degrees off can shock a betta fish, I always test it on my wrist) and then condition it. That bottle that came with the tank won't last long!

As for heaters, heating a half gallon is hard to maintain. If it is within your means, I would return the .5g and get at least a 1 gallon tank (or bigger if you can). The heater will depend on that size tank you want to keep for a while.
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Since you don't have a heater and he is in the room temperature for now i can give really good advice how to make new water the same temperature as his water.
Take one gall jug. You can just buy one gall with spring water. Use tap water of course, water conditioner and let it sit for about 20-24 hrs then change the betta. This way his water will be the same temp and you not going to stress him out with drastic temperature change.
Also be aware that bettas are good jumpers. So always cover the net when you take him out. I don't know how to use the net, i am using a cup to scoop him out. But you will know your way.. Also make sure you leave the space between water level and the top of the tank. Do you have a lid?
Of course if you can upgrade to the bigger tank.
For one or two gallons ranks easier to find appropriate heater. For 0.5 gall i would afraid to overheat it. You can find a good heater for 1-2 gall tank.
And i agree on water changes that Laki wrote for you.
Of course don't use the soap to rinse his tank or decoration. I was on another forum and someone was using soap to clean the tank. I would never think that someone can think to do that .

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Since the half gallon tank you bought has a lid I suggest filling it as much to the top with water as possible, this will allow for more water volume and a slightly smaller chance of ammonia poisoning.
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