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Hadoken Kitty
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Originally Posted by slowdown View Post
Thanks so much!!
One last question -- I moved him into the tank before I'd ever heard of the concept of "cycling." I'm monitoring ammonia levels every 2 days, with 30% (roughly) water changes 2x/week, and will do more if needed.
It's just the one fish in the 5 gallon tank.
Is this okay, or is it still a problem to have him in the tank while it cycles? And how long will the cycling take?
Your cycling shouldn't take too terribly long in the 5g. Prime is a really good product to use if you have an uncycled tank.

I did in fish cycling. None of them died except for my neons...they kinda commited fishy suicide though by making themselves stuck in plants that they couldn't get through...then they'd have little fishy heart was sad....
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Once you get your test kit, test your water daily if ammonia or ntirites are >.25 do a 50% water change or if nitrates go above 20. Otherwise do a weekly 50% water change. I always do 50 others do less. . He's a pretty boy & sounds like he's got a good home!
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You have a large volume of water, your monitoring it, you should be fine.
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I agree with Shellieca. You need to test for ammonia and nitrites, because both can spike up very quickly to dangerous levels. Just monitor your fishy and make sure hes acting normal and test the water frequently like you have been. If you see a spike, do a water change and test again. If the levels are still high do another water change until they are at safe levels again.
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