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Betta: 6-8 / Ramshorn Snails: 0

I had about 6 to 8 ramshorn snails in my tank when I introduced my betta after cycling the tank. 4 of them were bigger than the head of a pin and the rest were tiny specs on the glass. I saw him eat one and immediately spit it out the very first time he was in his new home. Now all I can see are shells lying at the bottom.

Can betta's suck the snail from their shell? I know they can't crush them but can they get them out?

p.s my pond snail survived because he is about 3mm long and too big for my betta to attempt to eat it.
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I am curious about this as well. I've been trying to control a small population of pest snails (not sure what species) that I believe were introduced to my 10 gallon aquarium via driftwood.

Over the past month or so, I've noticed a few empty shells on sand, and I see my male half moon patrolling the bottom of the tank, observing closely as if he is hunting. I also caught him darting into a patch of grass and tossing a shell aside shortly after. I couldn't tell if the snail was alive before this, as I didn't see it.
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I picked up some more plants the other night and it came with a few pond snails. By the next morning one of the smaller snails was missing and there was an empty shell on the bottom of the tank. If they are small enough my betta thinks that they must be snacks.
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