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Wondering if I should blame myself?

So cherry was the runt of the litter, I guess. She was always small, and she had a really small mouth. I always separated her at feeding time and gave her crushed flakes. I used to separate her at night too (just n a breeder box) so her sisters wouldn't bully her, but I decided she needed to learn to fend for herself and I weaned her off of that. She was always really skinny, but I figured it was her trouble eating and I used to supplement her with bloodworms for calories but I decided she needed to grow up and if meant fighting for her food itt would mean that, so I fed her with the big girls and in her own box, no more bloodworms. She did okay, she usually grabbed a pellet and ran off with it, so I decided she was good. This week I decided she was ready to stop eating in the box, so I made sure there was some crushed food in there and fed her with the big girls. she always snagged a pellet and ran off with it, so I figured she would be okay, but lately when I fed I noticed the girls were already full, I figured it was eggy, everyone seemed normal. I never did a head count, I've been busy, but today I looked in and noticed cherry was missing, I watched to see if she would come out, but I watched one girl chase a pellet under a shell, and there was a tiny body, the stomach and eyes eaten out underneath. I feel so bad :( I should have given her the special treatment she needed and not forced her to fend for herself. T-T did I do the right thing?
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I'm sorry to hear about Cherry. I have no experience with housing multiple bettas so I can't answer you. I'm sure you did what you thought was right though.
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