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okies, buttt WILL THERE TAIL GROW BACK?!?!
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Yes, with good cleaning and something to increase there slime coat they will grow back perfectly fine.
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As others have said, you can't keep two males in the same 10 gal tank. Once they're in separate tanks, or a divided tank --> keep their water very clean, and warm (about 79 degrees F). If you keep them in clean, warm water, then yes, their fins should grow back.

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Please make this. It costs less than 5$ and is easy to make.

You purchased 2 males. They will continue to fight until one is dead. They need to be separated immediately. Clean water, a bit of extra water conditioner and warm water will do the trick. Lower the filter's output with a plastic bottle or some sponge so the water does not have a strong current.
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No offense.. but they are nicknamed "siamese fighting fish" for a reason :)

Also, don't place any females in with the male.. the tank is way too small for that.. in case you were wondering.

The fins will grow back with proper water care and high quality food.

Good luck..

Originally Posted by Kboou2 View Post
Males are colorful with long flowy fins while females are dull in appearance with short fins.
UMM HUH? Have you seen a female betta? lol.. dull in appearance...

This isn't dull ;)
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