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Obsessive Newby with a sick betta

Hi there my name is Ilse and I am both new in this site and relatively new to betta caring.

- this is the main topic of this post and the rest is just me rambling and giving the context you can skip it if you like.

I have quarantined my new betta because of fin rot, but the quarantine bowl has no heating system and is in the busiest place of my house. I think that those conditions keep on stressing the poor guy, and I was wondering if I should return him to my bigger 20 gallon tank even if it is in the final stages of cycling. Or should I just relax and give my betta time to heal and get used to me and my family and everything seems to get worse because I am obsessing over him?

- this is my rambling and context

The thing is that I love bettas and since my family and I got a 20 gallon tank I decided to buy one. We cycled the tank unfortunately shop helpers weren't very helpful and the process became a test of try and wrong. In the end I bought this beautiful betta and introduced him to the tank.

I am very apprehensive and thought that something was wrong with his dorsal fin since it seemed torn. I thought that maybe he had been harmed in the pet store but I did some research and found the fin rot disease of course I became obsessed with trying to find out if I had bought a sick betta. In the end I found white spots in the tips of his ventral fins.

This was barely two days after buying him and thought that maybe it was the result of all the stress involved with his new home and the shop helpers told me to quarantine him and change his water dayly. I have done that for three days and every day he seems more apathetic and stressed.

The worst part is that the quarantine bowl is really a 2 gallon bowl and has no heating system, I think that stresses the hell out of my fish. I placed in the kitchen because it is the warmest place of my house but it is also the busiest because people are always moving and talking and screaming around and since he keeps up the impersonation of being invisible to the human eye. I've placed some plastic plants and a hiding spot for him but that has not helped. (BTW I live in mexico and weather has been really warming up since January, so it really isn't that cold at night but still I need to buy a small heater if he stays in quarentine)

Should I return him to the bigger tank or should I give him more time in quarentine and let him become used to my family and I?
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

IMO/E-1-2gal unfiltered tanks are fine to keep a Long fin male long term and you might find that he will do better in the 2gal than the 20gal. Some Long fin males can have problems in larger tanks-especially with strong filters. They may seem fine for the first few days to weeks-but often will stress, tire and fin tatter due to use to swim and water current. Not all males have these problems-a lot is based on genetics, age, nutrition, overall heath and condition.

I would monitor the temp in the 2gal-your goals is to maintain a somewhat stable temp in the 76-80F range and so you may not need a heater, however, its a good idea to have one on hand-just in case....

On the 2gal unfiltered tank-I would make twice weekly water changes-1-50% water only and 1-90% with either vacuum or stir and dip method to clean the substrate-should maintain water quality-provided that you don't overfeed. Best to leave the Betta in the tank for water changes-but if you do cup for a water change-be sure and properly acclimate back to the new dechlorinated, like temp water-to error on the side of caution.

For the fin rot-depending on how advanced-If its not too involved-a clean water and tannin treatment should take care of it-along with good nutrition.
Can you post a pic and/or describe the rot/fin issue.

Nutrition-good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals
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