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he is a crowntail
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Originally Posted by Laki View Post
Yes, as far as the common bettas go they're all "betta splendens". From there you have your seemingly endless colors and color patterns (yours would be "royal blue") and then the tail types. Most common are veiltail (VT), crowntail (CT) and more recently halfmoon (HM) and halfmoon plakat (HMPK).

Bettas don't know about portions, my VT Ludendorff snarfed almost an entire algae wafer once- he got so bloated and lethargic I thought he was going to die. I didn't feed him for 3 days straight and then eased him back on a few pellets at a time. There is no "put as much as they will eat in 2 minutes" with bettas bc they will eat everything!! lol
Originally Posted by Fenghuang View Post
My bettas can finish their daily portion in like three seconds. I would never dare give them two minutes worth of food. o__o

He has nice fins. I like how he has two bright red ventrals. Great contrast.
Thank you for all the information! I have noticed the eat like savages and will defiantly be more careful. He finished half a cube of brine shrimp in under a minute!

I like his bright red also it really sets off his blue's well, is that drastic of a contrast common?

Also how many hours should his tank light be on per day? The fixture is standard LED
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My old royal blue VT had very bright ventrals too. It was great, very pretty when he flared. Some royal blues have more of a green/turquoise color so the contrast is not so bright but true royal blues are sapphire blue with a black head and when the red in the ventral flares out it is simply stunning. :)

I would say 12 hours is good. LED doesn't really mimic the sun in terms of kelvin output so you could go wither way and leave it on for +- 12 hours. Anything above that can spark an algae bloom.
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I'm thinking Crown Tail doubletail. Two lobes obvious and that explains the high dorsal but clear crowning.
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Yes agreed. Double crowntail
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