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Unhappy Goldfish Dilemma

Hello there. A couple of weeks ago I got my new goldfish, Hannibal Lecter. I rescued him from my LFS and he is currently in a 5g tank, soon to be a 30g. My dilemma is that before I bought him I made sure that if I was unable to get the 30g he would still have a home, with my aunt and uncle. Well, now I am getting the 30g (from my other aunt) and I will have it within three weeks now. My uncle has some mental problems, and when he heard that they were getting a new fish, he was really excited, and now is waiting for the fish to come. My fish. Which I can now keep. And we're probably moving this summer, so my mum doesn't even want me setting up the 30g.

My mother wants me to give Hannibal to my aunt and uncle (By the way, they have a MASSIVE goldfish tank. It is HUGE) and then wait to get the 30g until the summer, then get a 'new goldfish'. She seems to think he's just a fish to me, but I've come to love him :/ I don't know what to do, because few things actually excited my uncle now and actually make him really happy, but at the same time I don't know if I can bear to part with Hannibal. What do you guys think is best for him?
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Hmm, I personally think that he'd do better with your aunt and uncle. Even when you do get the 30 gallon, it'll only be big enough for one goldfish, and although goldfish arent schooling fish, they still really enjoy company of their own kind.

I know you really love him and want to keep him, but you would be giving your goldfish a more fullfilling life and making your uncle VERY happy to give them hannible. Plus, I'm sure you will be able to go visit him!
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I agree your fish should go to your uncle.
Goldfish are rewarding and great. They are also the most expensive first to properly care for on INITIAL startup. A regular goldfish can become at least 11 inches long and needs double filtration, water and surface volume than the standard freshwater fish.
When you get your 30 gallon, I can almost guarantee you will need a new filter for goldfish. At 30 gallons consider an Oranda (one of the smaller goldfish). Even with Orandas you will need at least 20 gallons with the first fish and 10 gallons per additional fish after the first. You will also need double filtration (triple is best) for your tank. (30 gallon tank ideally would have 300 GPH and higher)
30 gallons will handle 2 Orandas MAX....but wow are those guys fun to own!
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I know all of the information for them and will have everything ready, but my mum has told me that we can't set up the big tank until we move in the summer. It's very probable that he'll be going to live with my aunt and uncle, and it honestly breaks my heart :( But at least they're in good hands. Hannibal is already pretty massive, as I bought him for that reason- big goldfish, little tank at the LFS, it wasn't pretty- and my aunt is worried hers will pick on the smaller ones they sell and stress it out... She has room for one more because one just died (he was 22) and she wants a new friend. It's for the best, and I can do a lot with a 30g besides a goldfish tank :/
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Having goldfish is really, really tough. They're so much fun to have but their requirements are incredibly frustrating >.<

Can you sort of "loan" your goldfish to your Aunt and Uncle until you get a bigger tank set up?

I was sort of in a similar situation when I had to give two of my goldfish up. I was intending to rehome just the comet because he was just too big for my 55gal but when the tank started to leak massively I ended up having to rehome both my comet and my fantail which was really, really sucky and hard. I was fortunate to find a really nice guy who was very happy to take both off my hands. I did keep my oranda only because I do plan on getting a 29gal somewhat soon (1$ gallon sale, yo!) so I can maybe get him one more oranda friend.
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No, I couldn't do that to Hannibal. Give him two best buddies and then rip them away for a life alone in a 30g :/ Plus, it would seriously confuse my uncle aha. He'd probably pester my aunt about him for weeks XD I would never hear the end of it.
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