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Afraid of the Dark?

I have no idea what my betta is doing. I've had him for a week now, and every night he freaks out whenever I turn the lights out. Not his bowl light, my bedroom light. At night I usually keep his bowl light on, but I turn off my bedroom light so I can sleep. The second I turn out the light, my betta goes nuts. He starts frantically swimming around the bowl, and flaring at me. He will look directly at me and flare all of his fins. He acts like he is terrified everytime the lights go out!! I watched him go for 20min last night and then I fell asleep. I have no idea how long he kept that up. He does it every single night.

Is this normal, or is something wrong? I was also wondering how many hours he should have of having his bowl light on and off.
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Have you ever been in a well-lit room at night and tried to look outside into the dark yard? The window becomes a mirror.

When you leave his tank light on and turn your light off, his tank becomes a mirror to him ... everwhere he looks, he sees another male betta. Of course he'll flare!

Fish need light/dark cycles just like we do. His light should not be on 24/7. You should turn off his light before you turn yours off, and let him a "night" period too!
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Turn his light off when you turn yours off, otherwise all he sees is his reflection and it constantly trying to defend himself from the unknown attacker!! I can guarantee he did that ALL night long! That is extremely stressful for him and not at all healthy. Just like humans, fish need stable periods of night-time with no light to be healthy. His light should be off at night the same amount of time your room light is off at night.
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*light goes off*
A betta! Attack!
Woah... another one.... Attack!
+]@*]^#+ I'm surrounded! Heeelp! leave me alone! go away! I bite!

something along those lines... lol! make sure his light goes off tomorrow ;)
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