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Unhappy Sudden Unexpected Betta Death

Hello. I am new to the Betta community, so please excuse the lack of knowledge when trying to explain.

I had a male Dragon Scale Betta named Angel. When I first got him, he was in a two galon tank with no filtration, but with rocks and plants. He was the happiest fish, but suddenly he stopped swimming, his fins pressed up against his body and he just floated around the top of the tank.

My wonderful boyfriend noticed how sad the sick fish made me, so he bought Angel a 10 gallon filtered tank. As soon as we put Angel in the new tank, we noticed a huge different. He began swimming around again and eating his food.

Weeks went by, and we decided to get African Dwarf Frogs so Angel could have some companions. The man at the fish store said it would be okay, that Angel wouldn't hurt the frogs, and vice versa.

Only two days went by and Angel and the frogs seemed to be playing and hanging out together inside the fort in the tank.

Suddenly, Angel started flipping around, swimming really fast (upside down and sideways) and bobbing up and down and breathing really hard. I immediately thought Swim Bladder disorder, and figured I just wouldn't feed him for a few days then do the pea treatment.

As Angel was face down in the rocks, body up in the air... he slowly stopped breathing and died. It was so sudden and I felt terrible, like I did something wrong.

Now I couldn't find any information on African Dwarf Frogs harming Bettas, but it is so surprising to me that two days after I got the frogs this happened to my beloved, precious Angel.

Then, after Angel had been dead for a little while (I didn't bury him, was hoping he'd come back to life) The frogs started picking at his dead body, trying to.. eat him?

Could the frogs be held responsible for my Bettas death? Or is just a coincidence that he died two days after I got them? Should I be mad at the frogs? And mad at myself for putting Angel in harms way? Or was it something else?

I just want closure because I'm feeling terrible.

Thanks for the help.

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Oh thats a terrible story!!! :(
Im sorry to hear that. I dont know anything about the frogs i hope one of the more senior members can help you :(
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I'm sorry :(

Suddenly, Angel started flipping around, swimming really fast (upside down and sideways) and bobbing up and down and breathing really hard.
- this is a sign of organ failure. once you see this, generally there's nothing you can do..

How long was he in the 10 gallon total?

How much and how often were you changing the water?

What filter did you have and how were you maintaining it?

What heater did you have and what was the temp of the tank?

What ornaments/etc were in the tank?

What other additives (conditioner etc) were you using?
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death, dragon, frogs, sick, sudden

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