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Exclamation Questions on housing baby Bettas

OK, so a friend of mine got two baby bettas from Petco and got them ONE little fish bowl for them to live. Well after i told her what they need, She handed me the bowl and said "Here have two babies, i was told just change there water and feed em"

SO now i have two babys, Heres what i have to work with. cant buy anything till fri. although i WILL got out today and get a heater, I know that's a MUST for these babys.

So can i put them in a 5.5 with no gravel, No filter and just a heater.
i was only going to put maybe just anough water to make it a 3.5 gallon, with maybe (i'll see if i can get some floating plant @LPS when i get a heater) Is there anything else im GOING to have to need for them?? or can i get away with what i have now (this is including the heater, They WILL have that) oh and i have micro pellets.

Sorry for the rambling.....

OH one more thing, Do my plants need to be Quarantined?

Thanks again!
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Youu probly shud qwarentn the plants. Watet chngs shud be about 50% every day. try to get them some frozen foods like blood-worms. be sure to get lots of hiding spots and a hidey hole for each Betta. Temperature should be 80-86* F
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That sounds fine until you can get more supplies. I would recommend quarantining the plant and a temperature of around 80-82 degrees :) I love babies they're adorable. Recently, I had a girl jump out of a cup that I was floating in my baby's tank to separate her for awhile, she was getting a little too aggressive. This was the worst mistake I ever made, I did not think to put a cap on the cup, because she was not a known jumper. Anyways, she jumped out of the cup and into my baby Dragonscale's tank who was only about an inch long. I didn't see it happen, but I guess he tried to fight her off and only succeeding in having himself ripped to shreds. When I saw him, I bawled my eyes out :'( Worst mistake of my llife, I wanted to give the female to my friend which was basically a death sentence... but then decided against it.
Sorry for the rant, just needed to let it out XD I wish you luck with your Two Babies!!! :)
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