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Question Do i need pebbles?

i finnaly tranphered my betta from hos 1 gallon tank into a 15 gallon one!!! all i need to know is, do i need pebbles? this is for know i will be adding plants. and thanks to everyone who gave me all the great advice. Arnold is already swimming around and not just sitting in one spot! so do i need pebbles/ rocks for my tank?
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Old 02-26-2013, 01:53 AM   #2 
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You don't actually need gravel. I would suggest a plant or two so he could have somewhere to hide.
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that looks like a 5 gallon. either way, it would be best if you cycled it.
congratulations on the new tank :)
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Substrate is good for holding beneficial bacteria, but it's not necessary. :) I don't have it in the goldfish tank or my hospital tank.
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Hadoken Kitty
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Like everyone else said, substrate is not needed. Though I like mine since it makes holding plants and decor easier. (:
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No, you don't need it.. but if you are going to be adding a filter and cycling the tank you do.. and, imho it's pretty silly to keep a fish in such a large tank and not bother cycling it.

But for sure you do need lots of plants and hiding places.. bettas like shallow wide water, and that is deep and narrow so you should try to find plants that float or reach up to the top and fold over so he can lay in them at the top.
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Old 02-27-2013, 07:10 AM   #7 
Reference Team
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I agree with the advice given above. But first, and most important, you need a heater to keep his temperature around 80* all the time.

None of my tanks have substrate (gravel or sand) and all are cycled, even the 3gals. In order to do this, you need a filter with lots of foam. I suggest a sponge filter because they have this. Your 5gal should be cycled.

Whether live or silk-plants, plants are really necessary both near the bottom and floating at the top. Your Betta needs a place to sleep, rest and hide (some keepers like caves for this, but plants will do).
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