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Need Help Please!! Ich??

My betta, Sashimi, has always been very active and happy until the past week. He is hanging out in the top corner of his tank just kind of floating or down at the bottom hiding in his castle decoration. He recognizes when I pick up his food to feed him and comes to it, but today has not eaten anything. His color looks dull, and it almost looks like some of his scales have fallen off?? Like there are a few white places on him, though they don't look like raised white spots. Here is some info on him:
5 gallon freshwater tank (just did 100% water change today), got it about 2 months ago.
1 betta fish, we've had him 3 months
Water temp around 70 - 75, no live plants
We have a Whisper filter by TETRA, had about 2 weeks, though he didn't seem to like it much and we took it out tonight
No CO2 unit, does not recieve direct natural sunlight
We feed Hikari Betta Bio-Gold 3 pellets 3 times a day
The tank has a light bulb at the top
The water perameters from the test strips were normal, but water was soft and alkalinity was slightly low and Ph was a little acidic.

Please if anyone has any ideas of what this could be please let me know. I'm thinking of getting the medicine for ich tomorrow but I'm worried it might harm him if that's not what he actually has. Please advise!!!! Thank you, I love my betta so much and want him to live a happy and full life!
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If your fish looks like he was sprinkled with salt and darting around, trying to scratch himself against rocks or plants, then it could be ich. I don't think you need to do 100% water changes with a 5 gallon tank.
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he probably tryin to scratch himself
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