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but i have only a 5 gallon tank that doesnt include real plants and i dont think there will be enough hiding places for him. he sounds perfect for i what i want but my tank will maybe make him unhappy
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There's no reason you can't add some live plants with the plastic! I've added a few colored plastic plants to my planted tanks for asthetics. My shrimp nibble on the natural plants, but spend time getting the "junk" off the plastic as well. They are so funny to watch! They are good entertainment for inquisitive bettas (and they all are inquisitive to a fault).
There are several good sources foor the red cherry shrimp- ebay, and there's a web site called the Shrimp Farm. I only put the biggest shrimp in w/ the bettas- I have a 1/2 gal for the babies. I've never seen red cherry shrimp in a store; only the ghost/glass shrimp, which don't seem to survive in a tank long, & don't reproduce, either.
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I would only add shrimp if you don't have the guppy and bottom feeder any more. Once they have new homes, go for it. :)

Your girl is looking a little stressed (pale with horizontal stripes, called "stress stripes". If this is unusual, she could just be stressed out by the camera, but if she always looks like this, consider a few things:
1) What are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels?
2) Try adding more hiding places and plants.

She's very cute, though. :)
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