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Old 03-03-2013, 01:14 AM   #1 
jadaBlu's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Midwest
Are Bettas disease prone or is it typically a mistake by the owners that causes it?

This not intended to offend just all of the reading I've been doing makes me wonder. I've kept other fish in the past but I don't remember them getting sick much. I think I dealt with one case of ich and swimmer bladder disease in goldfish.
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ZubinBetta's Avatar
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
I think bettas are exquisitely sensitive to their environments, and so much can go wrong. It's a delicate balance. Those water changes can be postponed, right? Waste accumulation alone is relentless, couple that with opportune parasitic organisms and you have a stout brew.
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Bombalurina's Avatar
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Location: Australia
The bettas I get around here are definitely not that hardy - other people in the aquarium society have remarked on it too. A lifespan of 3 years is considered pretty darn old round here.
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Otterfun's Avatar
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I think I am seeing contradictory views. On one hand, we say they are hardy but then we have a special place (disease/cure section) for discussion. It's oxy-moron.

But then, maybe we stare at them too much and start noticing changes and get concerned. I think we are better informed on diseases/cure than most other fish owners based on the threads and discussion here.

Also, being responsible and caring owners will help alleviate disease occurance IMO. We all start somewhere.
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Blue Fish
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Location: East Tennessee
I believe they are fairly delicate fish. Some seem to be hardier than others, which I'm sure is based largely on breeding and health long before we ever even own the fish.

I believe that I take care of my fish well, they live in very large cycled tanks with plenty of space and water changes, water parameters are frequently checked, they get good food and frequent high quality frozen food, and they *still* come down with stuff. I've got one who seems to have some sort of opportunistic parasite (I've treated him both with salt and with real change, for the most part, he's fine, but every now and again...he displays symptoms), and another gets fin rot at the drop of a hat. (Double fin in my profile picture) But...I've had others who've survived my own mistaken treatments (prior to coming on here and learning much more than I knew previously), and one who was dying of ammonia poisioning at the petstore that was so bad his scales were sloughing off...But other than being a tail-biter, he's happy, outgoing, and seems to be a very healthy fish after his ordeal.

So, they seem to be a bit disease prone, but they're hardy in that they survive long enough to be treated, they survive the treatment itself, and seem to recover completely or largely completely.

:) And I agree completely with the other people who commented on here that we tend to know more about our preferred breed and their diseases/health, and I think we tend to become more personally involved with them than do many aquarists. Our fish are individuals, not a group in a tank. We comment on and notice their personalities, their quirks, and so when something is not-quite-right, we're immediately aware of it and set out to correct the problem.

Knowing what they survive at many petstores...they are pretty hardy in their ability to live despite awful conditions...but to get them to thrive and be really healthy...then they can suddenly become very fickle and delicate. :)
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New Member
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Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Probably all fish are very sensitive. On the other hand, there are SO many people that get pets without knowing how to take care of them. The poor care at pet stores doesn't help much either. If you take proper care of your betta, he won't get sick. In fact, I've seen plenty of fish on here who started out in dismal states at the pet store and later became extremely healthy thanks to their new owners' care.
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Location: NYC
My betta has never gotten sick...
I got him as a banyfrom petco... I think the larger ones are so abused that their immine systems can't keep up and end up being permanantly weakened.
I also keep all my fish in a well planted and established environment. They seem to be healthier that way.

One more note. My fish has shredded, bit , ripped his fins more times than I can count. He's not once gotten fin rot.

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