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I'm thinking on getting a 2 gallon tank( ya I know it's small, but in just starting off and want to make sure I love the hobby before I spent all this money) and was wondering if I need a filter. I have herd a bunch of stories without heaters and the betta has lived to 5 years. If u think I do I'm just not sure what kind of heater to get. I haved looked all over and can't find a heater for that sized tank. Let me know, thanks.
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Yes, you should have a heater.
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Hi, if you're going to start off small with a 2g you do not need a filter. A filter in a tank under 5g is just moving water around- it still needs to be cleaned twice a week. May I suggest getting the 5 gallon? Then with a carbon-less filter you can allow it to cycle and then only need to change water once a week! I have never looked back on that decision.

As for a heater, yes you absolutely need one. Bettas come from tropical waters and therefore do best and live the longest in a warm environment. Ideal tempetature is between 78-81F. I found my boys most active at 80-81F.

For a small tank a lot of people go for the preset 7 and 10 watt heaters. While I would not recommend the 7 watt betta pad (the circular pad one) I would only suggest picking up the 10w if you have the money to upgrade within a year. A 25 watt heater is adjustable and lasts a lot longer. Also, if you decided to get the 5g the heater is transferrable (whereas the 10w can only handle up to about 3 g and even then it struggles to keep a stable temp).

I have had success with a 25w heater in a plastic 2.5 gallon kritter keeper, so it does not melt the plastic, just to be safe, keep the glass tube f the heater OFF contact with the tank wall.

Good luck!! They are addictive little interactive pets, which is why I recommended the 5g (which is the smallest allowable tank which can be divided) and the higher watt heater.
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