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I would like a Betta :)

Hi guys. Found your forum when I was looking for Betta info.

I have a planted aquarium set up at the min and I would like to add a Betta, but I'm not sure if its suitable. I know you's will know.

It's a 180 litre tank. Heavily planted with Amazon swords, moss, crypts etc.

I dose EI ferts and inject CO2 for the plants.
Usual water parameters are:

Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 45ppm (at end of week then 50% water change every week)
pH 7.0 drifting down to 6.3 once CO2 is dissolved.
kH 5.5 and gH 7
Temperature is 25oC
I have an external filter.

I currently house 10 Cheery Barbs, 2 Julii Cory Cats, 8 Lampeye and some Trumpet snails.

Don't think I've forgotten anything lol.

Is my tank suitable?

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I would be worried about putting barbs and bettas in the same tank together; barbs are notorious tail biters.
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