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Male/female split tank? and also brine shrimp?

Hello, my little sister has 2 betta.. a female named Lilo, and a male crowntail names Stitch.
I can no longer care for Lilo in my sorority because I have been really stressed out lately, and I feel bad because I have been neglecting to care for my fish as well as they should... So I have decided to give her my 10 gallon tank so that Lilo and Stitch can live together.

What do you know about keeping a male and female together in a divided tank? I have seen it done many times, but I don't want them to be constantly stressed out because their mate is right next store.. and I don't want Lilo to be eggy all the time.
Stitch is super mellow, but Lilo is a bit aggressive.. will this be a problem?
Any suggestions for me?\

Alsoalsoalso... What type of fish like to eat brine shrimp?
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Male and female bettas should never be put together, except for breeding. Also, female bettas need too be kept in groups of at least 4 or more, which I think you were doing in your sorority. Male bettas, generally, are aggressive towards all other fish, and therefore should be kept alone, unless you have a really big (20+ gallons) community tank.
If I were you, I would just keep your female in the sorority. Even if you are slightly neglecting them, she will feel more secure with other female bettas.
And pretty much any fish could eat brine shrimp....I tried feeding my female bettas shrimp and they were so small my girls couldn't even see them! Baby brine shrimp are easiest to feed to fry, baby fish.
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most don't suggest keeping males and females in a divided tank because of the pheromones each will put off.

Females can be kept alone, not every female is cut out for a sorority, either because she's too aggressive, or too submissive. It's hit or miss.

That being said, I've had them housed in divided tanks, keeping up on water changes, and having plants near the divider to break the line of sight and keep the stress down, and the only time I had an issue was when my female jumped the divider to be with the male.

^that would be the only reason I would really warn against it.

We just bought a bunch of brine shrimp and our bettas and guppies LOVED them. It was the only thing keeping one of our males eating because he was recovering from neglect at Walmart.
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