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Female Betta Sorority Tank

I am going to start a female betta (with 10 females) sorority tank in a 29 gallon acrylic aquarium that I have. With the tank I have an Aquaclear 50 power filter and I will have a Fluval Prefilter attached to it. I will have a heater, gravel, lots of hiding places, and possibly live plants in the aquarium as well (I have heard that it is beneficial for the fish). However, I have a few questions:

1) I will be buying from a local Petsmart store, and since I do not want to force myself to buy 10 from the start as they may not all be my preferred color or healthiness, how many should I start out with? Additionally, since I will add on others later, how many should I add at a time? (I have also heard that you must switch up the surroundings so they can re-establish pecking order)

2) Should I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank for any new fish/ fish that get sick that is filtered and heated?

3) What live plants should I add if I do, and is it necessary for bettas?

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Hey! I'm planning on starting a sorority at some point in the future too! It seems like it would be fun to have. :) Here's what I think:

1.) I would get as many as you can at once, especially because if you see one you like but don't get, she may not be there next time! You shouldn't get only two or three at a time, as they do better together in larger groups. Four or five might be best to start out with, and add in. This just keeps them from fighting each other.

2.) That would be wise. You could put your new set of girls in there while you wait to move them into the 29 gallon. :)

3.) It isn't necessary to have live plants, but they would help the water quality. They also look really nice. :) I'll be getting live plants with my new tank, for when I go off to college. The plants need a special light though. 6500k color temperature and 2 watts per gallon is what everyone else has told me. :) Good beginner plants are java moss, java fern, hornwort, and anubias, from what I've been told. Those are the plants I plan on starting out with.
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Thanks! For the colors though... have you seen a lot of color variety at petsmart?
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