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Acting Strangely

I desperately need some help/advice about my fish. I traveled home four hours with my fish, Pontus, on Friday. I transferred him into his tank with clean water right when I got home. The temperature was right and he acted completely normally. His appetite was fine; I even showed my mother how he will jump for his food.

I went into my room to see him just now, and he's acting really strangely. He wouldn't even look at me, or follow my finger. That's strange, because he's usually really excited to see me. Also, I tried to feed him but I could only get him to eat three of his usual six pellets (my brand is pretty small). He's a pig on normal days! Even worse, his color looks really dull.

Pontus just keeps swimming around the perimeter of his tank and seems to be eating the bubbles on top. I have no idea what is up with him. Do Betta fish have off days? Could it be the travel, even though he acted perfectly normal when I arrived at home?

My mother did prepare his water with a tablet water conditioner, not the usual droplet brand that I have at school. Should I go buy his normal type and change his water?

Sorry this is so long. I'm just freaking out! I really want him to be okay; he's my baby!
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What conditioner do you normally use? What brand did your mom use?

How did you acclimate him? The water chemistry at your mom's house can be quite different from what he's used to, so he would probably need extra time to adapt.
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Kanra Chan
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If his colour is dull and he is snapping at the surface, he may need a hiding place. Dull colour can be a sign of stress, but pale colour is more common in that case. Dull colour is usually for camouflage. Bettas love being in new environments because it means they get to claim a new territory. But there may be something inside or outside of his tank that is stimulating aggressive behaviour.

Other than that, I agree with LittleBlueFishlets. The change of conditioner or water quality could just be throwing him off.

Good luck, hope he goes back to normal soon!
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