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Kwomais, I am a looooong way off from having anything reproduce in my tank! I definitely need some more plants, and plan on getting more soon!
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Originally Posted by SilverWolf View Post
It's a chunk of Malaysian Wood. I've got it soaking now to release some of the tannins and will do some boiling tomorrow. My goal is to 'wrap' it in plants/moss to cover the sharpies on it so it doesn't shred him. I've broken off a lot of the sharps already.
The tannins will still leak out over a while.
The tank will look like a cup of tea, it's pretty cool. I kinda dig it, but if it gets really yellow I do a 25% with clear water to lighten it. Birdee seems more active as well with the darker water, so it might not be a terrible thing.

I never thought about breaking off the "sharpies", but a lot of the peninsula like edges broke off on their own.
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I've had my shrimp for 5 weeks! I thought I was a loooong way of from reproduction too, but last I looked I had 3 juvenile RCS in my tank, and those were just the ones I saw!
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The tannins leeched from driftwood and tannins from things like indian almond leaves and oak leaves produce what is called a blackwater effect. The reason your fish seems more active in the tanned water is because bettas prefer tanned water. The darker the water, the happier the fish. The tannins make for extremely healthy environments in that bettas have a stronger immune system and stronger scales (Thai breeders of fighters use IAL for strengthening their fish to make them last longer in a fight). IAL is a fantastic holistic, long term pro-active treatment for such things as parasites (some, not all), ammonia and gill burns and even fin rot.
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My amano are twice the size of my RCS. I notice that the amano tends to be really fast, aggressive, and stealth in grabbing food. RCS, being smaller are not as good at it. So I am thinking of taking the amanos out to another tank and let the Mystery Snail and RCS take their time grazing.

Oh, Amano looks like ghost shrimp, but has dotted lines on its body. my amano grew from 1/2" to 1.25" in 2 months. My adult RCS are about 1/2" or shorter.
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I have 3 Amano Shrimp in each of my two tanks. The ones in Chronos' tank we call Herp. The ones in Echo's we call Derp. (We call them all this as we cannot tell the difference between them. There is one Herp that is slightly smaller than the rest, but he is still Herp.)

There was curiosity at first from Chronos, but after discovering they are waaaay too fast for him to catch, he gave up. He gives them a look now and then, but could really care less. Echo has never shown an interest in them. They keep my NPTs clean as a whistle. We did have one OH NO! HOLY CRAP! moment when one of the Herps jumped straight out of the water and got stuck to the inside of the lid. We gently poked him and he jumped right back in the water.

I love them!

One of the Herps. I apologize if the image is terribly large.
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I adore the ghost shrimp. I am getting 3-5 this weekend, 2 or 3 for each tank, they are only 25-50 cents each where I get them or something like 3 for a dollar and stuff. I wanna get little ones.
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