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Unhappy more fin rot? or something else?

Hello there, a while ago I posted about my betta Fredrick having some tattered fins that I'm pretty sure turned out to be fin rot (

I started him on AQ salt with stress coat, 1 tsp for his 1 gallon tank, removed all decor except a cleaned skull cave in case he needed to hide. I did the salt with 100% water changes for a week, exactly 7 days. Over the 7 days, I did see regrowth! I was pretty excited. But I stopped on the 7th day since most places say not to do more than 10, and I was seeing regrowth, but the day after I started seeing the regrowth missing and some new "holes" and today, the 2nd day after I stopped, I'm seeing more chunks missing (pictures below, also there are old pictures in the old post for comparisson). These look kind of clean and chunk-like, I'm wondering if it's tail-bitting but I've never seen him do it before.

Should I put him back on the salt? And for how long? I also put bettafix in there the first day off the salt, should I stop? I've read it may be bad for his lungs, but I've also ready it helps with regrowth... so conflicting! Please help!

You can kind of see the regrowth still in this one.
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That looks a lot like fin biting. It seems he wants to be a plakat haha.

Can you please describe your tank set up and water change schedule and where your tank is located? Sometimes they finbit when something is wrong with the environment, sometimes when they're stressed, or simply just because they can. Hopefully process of elimination can help us find a way to make him stop.
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Well the last week I was doing 100% water changes with AQ salt. He is in a one gallon with a heater right now and an air bubbler thing to keep the water warm, but lower than 82, higher than 76, (somewhere I read that higher than 82 could encourage the bacteria or the rot to grow).

Two days ago I stopped the AQ salt and did a 100% change with BettaFix, yesterday I did a 1/2 change with BettaFix since on the bottle it says to keep adding to the tank and then change it after 7 days. But that sounds terrible, so I did a half change hoping that would help...

So since the last two weeks, the tank has been empty except for the heater, bubble air thing and a skull cave.

BEFORE the last two weeks, I had same tank, with 1"-1 1/2" gravel, several silk plants and a filter. Fredrick is in a mini betta bow, 1 gallon. I was doing 50% water changes twice a week, per oldfishlady, one with substrate stir and cup and one without. Then when I took the filter out, about two weeks before started AQ, I did 50% and 100% water changes.

My tank is in my bedroom that gets pretty bright sunlight during the day, but he is on the wall furthest away from any windows so he never gets direct sunlight. There isn't a lot of action around his tank except for in the mornings when i'm getting ready and feeding him, 3 pellets of hikari btw, and then when I come home from work, I go in my room and say hi, and then at night when I am hanging out in the bedroom before sleep and feed him 3 more dinner time pellets.

I was trying to keep his tank empty during the salting, do you think he's bored? I try to put things around his tank on the outside sometimes...

I'm not sure if I should put the plants back or if I should put him back on the salt.
I also bought "betta bulbs"? that will grow live plants, I thought of throwing one in the tank to replace the silk plants, hoping that it'll be healthier.

How do you test what is causing tail bitting? and does it look like the rot has gone all away then? hopefully???
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Originally Posted by Green4011 View Post

How do you test what is causing tail bitting? and does it look like the rot has gone all away then? hopefully???
Please stop using the Bettafix, it contains tea tree oil which can coat his labyrinth lung and cause him to suffocate. Plus, bettafix, is not meant to help with tail biting and according to the manufacturer (I emailed them on this subject if you'd like to see a copy of the email), the number one cause of death using bettafix is using it for something it doesn't treat, such as tail biting (I think they know it can cause problems with the lungs and are saying that to avoid a lawsuit). Do a 100% water change now to get it all out and don't put anymore back in.

There's not really a way to test for it. But if you've got him in a tank with very few decorations, you could try putting more in to see if that helps. Lots and lots of hiding places, and lots and lots of things to see and do could help if his tail biting is due to stress or boredom. Sometimes it's just a habit, and there's not really much you can do about it. You can also try interacting with him a lot, some people buy toys, such as ping pong balls, for their Bettas to keep them entertained.
My male bites his tail whenever something changes, whether it's a new tank, new decorations, change of scenery outside his tank, etc. (fortunately, he's finally stopped doing it after every water change)- it doesn't matter how many hiding places he has. In fact, he's biting again because some of the leaves on his Lilly plant died, and he can't sleep on top of them anymore, and apparently he's stressed out.
And yes, it does look like there's no more fin rot, but be careful, biting can lead to fin rot if his conditions aren't kept clean, for a 1 gallon tank, you should be cleaning it 100% twice a week and 1 50%.
And live plants are always good, just be make sure to clean out any dead parts immediately so they don't begin to rot. Rotting plants can build up toxins just like fish waste does.

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Btw, per my earlier post, I was only using Bettafix to encourage regrowth after rot. I was not using it to stop tail biting.

I did a 100% change last night and am going to stick with AQ salt treatment for 3 more days to hit the 10 day max. Just to make sure all the rot is gone.

I was keeping the tank bare during the salt treatment, but I'll add my decorations back after. I'm going to return to the oldfishlady water changes once the salt is done with. Ill try a ping pong ball too.

If the decor and toys don't stop the biting, what else can I try?
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