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Originally Posted by ZubinBetta View Post
Great post, Bombalurina! As far as where to spend your money, what's your view on fish medicines? Are there some worth having in a "first-aid kit," or does medication usually require more know-how than betta owners are likely to have or to develop in a short time--and do you agree (with what I've read), that most common betta diseases can be avoided (or greatly diminished) with proper hygienic practices?
I agree that most issues can be prevented by clean, warm water. :) If you are going to have medication on hand, I've make it AQ salt and epsom salt, as has been said. However, I'm not really qualified to comment, as around here that's pretty much the strongest medication you can get. :p

Originally Posted by finnfinnfriend View Post
I know if you don't have a filter it doesn't matter, but if you are cycled/cycling, doesn't substrate help by housing some bacteria?
It does, but my theory is, if you're stuck for budget, you can always cycle later and just do the extra water changes until then. :) And if you have a filter but no substrate, you can cycle that way. :)

Originally Posted by Skyewillow View Post
Also, if you age your tap water at least 48 hours, you can cut your need for dechlorinator.
+1 to Sarah. This is sadly no longer true and can be dangerous if you have chloramines or heavy metals in your water. Chloramines take a fortnight to go and heavy metals don't ever evaporate.
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learn something new every day.
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Great post! Really should be a sticky. In Canada, kijiji is a great online source for everything used (and often free as well!). Also, this is a VERY temporary but in the short term effective solution- a 4L (1g) milk jug with the skinny top cut off + Saran Wrap as a lid works for a "upgrade" if you bought one of those tiny little tank things.
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