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I sent you a link to an inexpensive heater. If you can afford to go a bit pricier, I would highly recommend the Hydor Theo 25 watt - it's programmable and fully submersible. You can find it in several stores online like Amazon and Petco - I think Barnacle Bill even had one in their shop. I'll bet warming your guy up would help a lot with his tummy!
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So I've been fasting him since Sunday, and the bloat hasn't gone down at all. I tried feeding him a pea yesterday to clear out his digestive tract, but he wouldn't touch it. What's worse, is he's had a string of poo hanging out of him for the past 3 days that won't detach, and it's clearish in color. I remember you guys mentioning that clearish poop was a bad sign. What medication should I give him to alleviate his problem?
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Are you using epsom salt? Have you heated him up? have you increased the water change?
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Heating up their water will speed up their metabolism and they get less constipated. I'd keep checking to see if there's any poop in the bottom of the tank. Sometimes it takes a few days, I've had a few bettas come home with me in that condition.

Hydor theo 25 watt is an excellent heater! You'll probably need to turn it way lower than you want the water to be, 6 of my bettas have Hydor theo's 25 watt in 3 gal tanks, and theyre all set at 75. The water is always stable at 80 in their tanks. They are fantastic. Make sure you keep an eye on the temp really well for the first few days, you could even do the first day in a 2 gal without the fish just to make sure it doesnt get too hot. And make sure you keep a thermometer in the tank at all times and monitor the temp daily!

Hope he gets better soon! :)
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