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UV Filter Vs Stunt Hormones

When separating the fry, I have seem some Betta barracks that uses wet/dry + UV filter to feed the clean water back into each barrack. Does UV Filter reduce/kill/get rid these hormones?

Does anyone have any experience? Thanks!
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UV can denature (not kill) protein based hormones it would seem, but I doubt if in very sufficient amounts. I can't find any data if UV can break apart steroid hormones. So it would depend on what type of hormone this is.. or if it is actually a pheromone like I was thinking...
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I've read about this stunt hormones, and all this time, I accept it as "scientific" know fact, hence, change the water regularly etc. But recently there's a "strange" thing happen, I usually jarred my males as soon as they begin to act aggressive to each others and leave the females in the raising tank until they're big enough for me to start choosing for the next generation breeders. So it happened there was one male which I misidentified as female ( he was much smaller compare to his siblings, all the males and some of the bigger females ), and so I left him there with the females, and I don't change the raising/sorority tank as often as my individuals, but one day when I did, I noticed that the male I left had grown fast and he was as big as the biggest male I jarred!. So now that I read "or if it is actually a pheromone like I was thinking...". I begin to think that probably Olympia is correct, that he was "catching up" with the bigger girls to match their size for breeding.
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The sump water is recycled (there are some filteration there) but if its in the water. will pump back into the jar/barrack//tank etc.... unless something is killing/removing this hormone. If it isnt..then betta barracks would be the same thing as a larger tank with water flow/movement.... .but those fry in those barracks are about equsl sized and very well developed. Just got me thinking.....
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