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Old 03-16-2013, 03:42 PM   #21 
CrazyDiamond's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: NC
I have been to several PetSmarts but only one Petco, they are fewer and farer between where I live (Piedmont NC) I have three PetSmarts around me compared to the one Petco but I prefer to shop at the Petco to be honest. One PetSmart carries a huge quantity of bettas but last I went they were about 95% VT and the rest were CT, no HM and no females and all were red and/or blue but they had at least 30 of them, maybe 40. My favorite PetSmart where I got my boy Floyd carries all the tail types but I have never seen any PK in there but a few Kings on occasion, also both genders and a decent range of colors. Floyd was very healthy and is still full of vitality a month later he is a beautiful fish and I have been told white is a hard color to find as well. The third PetSmart is farther away so I seldom go there and their bettas are kept in a system of wooden boxes with fresh water being piped in 24/7. However the bottoms are still very dirty and littered with debris and I have noticed a much higher death rate with them than other stores, my best guess is the water, albeit fresh, is too cold. The bettas also occasionally jump out of their own little boxes and into the big tanks with the other fish where they are allowed to stay if they don't cause trouble lol They carry both genders and all tail types and also a wide range of ages from teeny baby fish to fully grown ones and a variety of colors including a few marbles, mustard gases and metallics and coppers I have had to pass up >.<

My Petco carries a smaller number of fish but they are always healthy, I have never seen a dead one in their store even if it was there for several weeks. They carry all the tail types and a wide range of colors and both genders but you have to get there right after a shipment because they get NICE fish. I just got (today) my second boy Freddie from them and he is very cool lol he is the first and only HMPK I have come across in a pet store and the first purple as well. They also carry big/elephant ear bettas and I have yet to see one of those at a PetSmart.

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Old 03-16-2013, 08:34 PM   #22 
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Join Date: Mar 2013
The petco carries the best variety. That is where I got my EE white marble. I have noticed the EE stick around awhile. You have to be a real betta enthusiast to spend $20 on one. Petsmart usually only has VT and CT. I got my first betta, a gorgeous multicolor CT at Walmart. I think that was pure luck as I knew nothing about bettas. He was a gift for my son and he picked him out. I haven't seen a prettier CT anywhere else.
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Old 03-17-2013, 06:36 PM   #23 
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Location: Goleta, California
I would agree that Petco has more variety, but is also pricier. Definitely get there when they have a new shipment since that's when they're the healthiest...things start going downhill from there, hahaha.
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Petco has a wide variety. All my guys are from petco, and the one near where I live seems to take good care of their bettas. Their water is always clean.
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Old 03-18-2013, 05:29 PM   #25 
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Location: Connecticut
My Petsmart doesn't have much of a variety of bettas, and only has about 10 when I go. My Petco has a huge selection and as said before, tons of tail types.
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