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oh yes keep in mind with caves/leaf hammocks/logs/ornaments and such some girls will claim it as theirs one of our red females owns one of the leaf hammocks there are 2 of them and when she is is off of the leaf the others all have to tr to get on her leaf when the other one is usually empty, she comes back and chases them all off
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Fishy Mom
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Mashimon, how are the girls doing today? Sometimes it can take some time for the girls to settle down & I wouldn't worry too much since you've only had them for 5-6 days now.
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Originally Posted by Stone View Post
Then general rule of thumb is 1 gallon of water per inch of fish.
Stone, this is not a good rule of thumb at all, due to a whole number of factors - please don't post it unless you attach a whole bunch of qualifiers, as newbies will read it, and it does lead to a whole bunch of poorly-stocked tanks.
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Then general rule of thumb is 1 gallon of water per inch of fish, so you can have quite a few
That dosen't really work because then you are saying you can keep a 5 inch fish in a 5 gallon tank

h, thanks for that. I guess I wasn't thinking it was as necessary. I currently have a floating log, and I just now made two of my plants longer by decreasing the amount of stalks, and making them taller. Would this be acceptable? To just get the taller plants, and populate my tank with them?
I use live floating plants - like cabomba. Anacharis would work too but I can't keep it alive in my tank for some reason, maybe the PH is too high? But I also use those plastic water wonder plants made by tetra. They are pretty soft and have never had an issue with them tearing fins. Just take the plastic part off that is supposed to go into the gravel. They also like to sleep in them at night. Or you can use oversized silk plants. If they are to tall for the tan they will drape over the surface and float.

Here is my 20G when it was mostly fake plants

and with live the gender confused male in there...Thanks to petco mislabeling a very young VT male..however its worked for over a year so..yeah. He stays...

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Not sure why it double posted >.<
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There's a sorority thread around here somewhere about this, and the general consensus is that the hardest part is knowing when to intervene. Most people who've had successful sororities believe that many new sorority keepers over think it, and that usually the girls figure it put on their own. However, timeouts often work best if they are for the time frame of one week. You could put holes in the QT cup to allow water flow so you don't need daily water changes in the aggressive girls cup during her timeout.
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female, soritory, sorority female community

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