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Old 03-14-2013, 09:31 PM   #31 
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I did the same thing and planted them anyways...they lasted 2 months before I saw any deterioration...started with small holes in the leaves that grew larger over time, I tossed them out before they rotted too much as I didn't want them to ruin the water quality but I bet I could've gotten about 5 months out of them? I had 6500k lights and dosed with sechemflourish excel along with root tabs...not sure if th at helped them survive longer perhaps? Id go ahead and use them, just put them in a spot that you'd be comfortable replacing them later on and put them in decent lighting. My bettas loved them.
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Oh sweet, thanks! That'll definitely give me time to find a replacement, I might go ahead and just get another anubias because Garth LOVES low lying plans, but Anubias are so common and I really want something different for my tank. Next weekend i'm probably going to be doing a 100% water change to get rid of a lot of the dust that seems to be still in the tank, rearrange things before I pour in the water too is a good idea. It's hard to get plants in the right place without shuffling everything else around lol.

Note: Pennywort on Garth's side is doing A LOT better than Dimitri's side, might move all of pennywort to Garth's side, unsure.

Does anyone know how to cut down Anacharis?

Might even tie some of my java moss to the divider, or would that be a bad idea? If so, why?
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Old 03-19-2013, 05:15 PM   #33 
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turned out so nice!
what happened to the bamboo?
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Location: Huntersville, NC
I took it out because I divided it and didn't think it fit with Garth's side. I put it back in my mom's Oscar tank to be beat up on, it's still thriving, but it's little leaves don't stand chance.

I forgot to post about Baxter, but his story is right here. That happened 3-17-13. Within three days he got a new planted tank and I poured over $80 into him.

Aqueon 2.5 "Betta" version. It came with an extremely crappy divider that I don't want and a filter, along with some water conditioner and some betta food. And $2 off coupon! Which is rad, I love coupons.
I chose this tank for a few reasons: I SPECIFICALLY wanted a 2.5, no bigger no smaller, it's size is A LOT better than I thought it would be because I have never actually owned a 2.5, always 1 gallons or 5, 10, 20. I was looking for a tank to put the 6500k light bulb I put on my 5 gallon, which is now unused and in storage. I was looking for something with a filter (now unneeded) or at least some type of bubbler. I wanted something black. I already have the bubbler, the heater, and the light.

Things I bought today: Tank, Amazon Sword "Bleheri", Marimo Moss Ball, Thermometer.

Altogether: 6500k light bulb, eco complete, anubias + rock, amazon sword, marimo moss ball, bubbler + air stone, heater, thermometer, betta!
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6.6, 6.6 gallon, planted

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