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Bloat?? (pic included)

Okay, so here's the deal.

Spikes belly is swollen, he's still active - swimming, playing with the bubbles from his airstone, flaring at his reflection in the mirror. Being the cute guy he is. Whenever he passes through the light i can see through his body sort of, and there's a big black mass right where the bulge is. So i was pretty sure it was constipation...

It was only slight at first, so i decided to move him to a hospital tank with unscented epsom salt (1tsp/gal) and no rocks to see if he was pooing. No poo. I fasted him for a few days and tried feeding part of a pea, he would just spit it out. So i waited another two days, tried again and the same thing, he'd chase it like he was gonna devour it but would just spit it back out.

Well, yesterday i got some daphneia, and he won't eat that either! Now his belly is the size of a marble and i'm pulling my hair out. I really don't want to lose him :[

He's not pineconing, his color is fine, he's still energetic, playing with his bubbles and will flare when i put my mirror up, but he's still not passing anything and it's been a little over a week.

Bad cell phone picture, but you can see the shape of his belly :[

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i keep trying to re-size the picture so it's not gargantuan, but it's not cooperating >.>
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Oh dear it does look pretty bloated, poor thing! Unfortunately Im unsure of how to help you - but I have a female who has a massive bloated belly like that, she's had it for months & its never appeared to affect her - but since she's female it could be just an overload of eggs.
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That looks JUST like my boy did a couple of weeks ago. You can see pictures of his progression, and the advice I was given on the thread (

To keep you from having to read the entire thread, which is lengthy, I'll post the cliffs notes version here. :)

I did the same thing you did in the beginning - 1tsp/gallon of epsom salt and fasting. After a few days, I tried daphnia, but it didn't help. Then I upped the dosage of epsom salt to 3tsp/gallon.

After over a week of this, I followed the advice of a couple of the very knowledgeable people on this board and began treating him first with API General Cure, then a day or two after that, with Maracyn I and II in combo (I got all of these thing at my local Petsmart). He ended up with sores on his side that I'm still trying to get rid of, but the bloating is completely gone and he's back to his normal hyper piggy self!

If you've been fasting for a week or so and he's not getting better (my boy just got more and more bloated as time went on, even when he was fasted), you might try those medications. Just make sure to dose responsibly and don't stop until you've gone through the entire treatment period on each, even if his condition improves.

I hope your boy gets better! I was worried sick about mine, so I know exactly how you feel.
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