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pyro fiend
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2nd go at npt! few questions first

bout to start my 2nd or well 3rd try at a npt. my first time.. idk why but even with propper maintanance. the plants grow a month or two. then start to die.. i decided i was going to get my girls out of this 10g divided and put them in a bigger tank found a nice 48x12x13 in my basement with a old 48in light [no idea the size it is but it is BRIGHT!!!] and i thought wow this would make a great tank for a sorority.. not too big, not too small. alot of room for plants and decor... so im wanting some help here...

this time i decided id try a few new things.. i ran acrost something called eco-complete. read you use it as a normal substrate like you would rocks but its good for plants. would i need to poke the substrate to relese gas or use MTS in this? i hear its realy good but noone answers the poking question and im realy tempted to try it. a lfs employee said you should cycle your tank before puting in the eco stuff tho just a wivestale from this lfs employee? [he did say "one of the owners told me you should do that thing for 6-8weeks letting the nitre-thingies all even out before adding it"lol-.-]

i love swords but i think i want some new ideas. was going to go with guppy grass but i dont feel like doing bidaylie clippings ;) so any plants that are low-high[not just high still dont know what T it is] light without a rhizome that would look good name it ill have a look. i have no theme just adding some guppys for little while to cycle then the plants ^.^ maybe some wood and tunnels
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Lots of low med light plants. most stem plants will work^_^
I suggest you to use flora max, which is made of the same stuff as eco complete without the liquid and the so called bacteria. you don't have to poke it. lol.

if you use this substrate alone, your tank will simply be a planted tank XD as "natural" refers to the soil
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pyro fiend
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: north west MO
well burst my bubble on the npt :P in my mind npt means its planted with a natural look and real plants XD .but i thought you might have to poke it sence its still kinda like a dirt o.0 at least the lfs [i refuse to go to now lol] that had it it looked like sand or soil o.0

as for plants i was hoping for suggestons i cant choose form all the pretty plants plus dont kow whats best for sororities XD cuz my choices all died or wont stay alive when i picked lol

but where would get floramax just a lps/lfs too?
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