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Quick question about water changes

Do you guys leave your Betta in your tank or move them into another container whenever you do partial water changes? I'm talking about 1-2 gallons from a 8-10 gallon tank.

I don't know whether or not to move my Betta while I'm doing a small, partial change. It stresses him a whole lot more if I try to move him, and he'll be jumpy for the rest of the next couple of days if something gets near him if I do decided to move him.

The only time I usually do move him is when I need to clean his decor and filter.
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KAV 204
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I have a ten gallon so I have no need to take mine out. But if u have something that is 3 gallons or less that just take him out. But if u have a 4-10 gallon just buy a gravel vacuum. And also if u do take him out and he is stressed u can us aquarium salt or stress coat or both it will reduce stress on bettas.
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Old 03-26-2013, 03:05 AM   #3 
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On my 3 gallon, no, I leave him in. I use a small gravel vacuum and he is not at all bothered.
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I leave them in all the time unless it's getting a really good gravel shuffle. They have gotten used to it and come to love the bubbles and subsequent currrent. Now they're easier to catch in the plastic cup (bc they're not always aware its coming) and they freak out in them so I try not to keep them in it for long.

In a 10g you have plenty of room for him to go hide in the tank while you change water.
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