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Requesting a bit of set-up know how!

I'm not sure how many people recall me being on the forum, considering it's been about three years. I first found the forum and joined upon purchasing a lovely mutli-coloured veil tail named "Leon Klopaz the Mighty Sexy Betta Fish", who unfortunately passed away from an injury and (presumed to be) fungal infection.I was very upset about what happened to poor Leon, I had loved him dearly. He was a pet I had bought,cared for and learned about on my own. Of course, I had owned Betta's before but despite having very clean/well tended homes, they didn't have what they needed out of my ignorance as a child.

Anyway, I want to start over again with betta's, being far better armed then before. However, I'm starting from scratch T_T My twenty gallon that had housed good ole Leon,and all of my equipment, was given to my uncle while I've been away in university. So far, I am armed with very little, and figure I may as well make this set-up as good as possible. If your still with me, I've some questions I need a hand answering.

First, A list of my current equipment

10g Tank ,lidded,partial glass top but has no light
FLUVAL phosphate remover
Aqueon QuietFlow 10 power filter medium cartridges
Nutrafin MAX betta food
Omega one Natural Protein formula freshwater flakes

List of things I still need:

API Master test kit
Water conditioner
Bloodworms( treats!)
Aquarium Salt ( just in case)


I dare say that is all.Now, what I think I'd like to do is set-up a NPT sorority tank using Java fern, Java moss, marimo,anubias and some Giant Hygrophilia.

Now, on to the actual questions!


Is my 'need to buy' list all set?
What size heater does a ten gallon need?
What on earth is FLUVAL phosphate remover, and do I need it?
Is this Aqueon Quiet filter good? Does it ever injure fish? Is it difficult to find? (I prefer NOT to order online) If so, can the filter cartridges be used with a different filter?
Would a top light source be best for an NPT sorority? Or would another set-up be better?

Sorority Q's

I figure that at approximately 5 to seven girls will be plenty for my tank, but could they also handle algae eaters? Perhaps some other fish like neon tetras? I was thinking some snails would be wise so they can burrow through the substrate. Neons are just a nice thought, but I think would over load the tank.

Where should I be purchasing my bettas? I've bought from only pet stores before, but I HATE the conditions the bettas are kept in and I'd rather not support the local store treating them so badly. Yet,I can only ever find American betta breeders. Does anyone know of Canadian ones? (preferably those that don't breed directly lineages brother/sister father/daughter etc)

Is it ok to release the ladies all at once? Will that be too overwhelming to suddenly have so many tank mates and a ton of space? The tank will be well furnished of course, plenty of hiding spots.

You don't need to answer all of my questions, even one answer is very helpful! Thanks everyone!
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You will want a light for sure, they do need lighting, and many people have found that tanks without lighting or just have the lights off cause undue stress to their Betta because they can see their reflection when the room lights are on and think they are being attacked by another Betta. Even females can find this stressful.
For a 10 gallon, you won't want to go over 5 - 7 fish total, including algae eaters. Despite the fact that Algae eaters do a great job eating the algae, they do produce a lot of waste and in a 10 gallon tank, that could quickly build up and cause ammonia spikes, even with lots of live plants, so you wouldn't want to have 7 Bettas in there and then add algae eaters.
I've never had a sorority, but from what I've heard, it's always best to release the females all at once, that way they can establish territories and pecking order together. If you add another female later down the road, it's always good to remove all of them, rearrange the tank, then release them all at once again (after the proper quarantining for the new fish of course).
I honestly don't think 10 gallons is too much space for 5 -7 females, so I don't think you're going to overwhelm them. I have 1 female in a 5 gallon tank, and she commands the whole space very well, so well in fact, I'm fairly confident she could never have any type of tank mate, even a snail. As long as you have lots and lots of hiding places, you shouldn't have a problem. You may notice some stress in some of them in the 1st few days, but once pecking order and territories are established, it should go away. Just keep a close eye on them just in case the stress doesn't go away.
Good Luck :)
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Originally Posted by sainthogan View Post
Thank you very much! I knew lights were going to happen, for the fish and plants, but nice to be reaffirmed!

I appreciate the other advice to, I definitely didn't want to overstock!

Thanks again :)

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