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Old 03-27-2013, 02:16 AM   #11 
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No, he isn't rubbing, just swimming, pacing. He cannot see any other fish of anykind. I have inspected him quite closely, and do not see the first sign of parasites or fungus, or anything out of the norm.

He has a good appetite. The only thing is, he never stops. I am considering showing him a female to see if he will settle down and build a nest. Gonna wait a few more days at least before I try that though. Trying to see if he will settle down on his own.
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He may just have more energy than other fish, just like some types of dog are considered more hyper than others. If that does turn out to be the case, maybe a longer aquarium and a strong filter flow to swim against would help him burn off that excess energy.

Does he ever rest on plants or anything to sleep?
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`We have not seen him rest AT ALL! Not once! Now, we don't keep vigil over him, but I am up at night, and my son, and his friend (who also lives here) are here during the day. One of us is here and up at all times. No one has seen him rest, and we have all been checking on him at the times when we may not be sitting in the living room.

Today I strted trying training with him, and it was like he did not focus at all. I did three short sessions with him today, but he did not even come close to getting it. (follow a pen) I was thinking about the current thing as well. I was hoping he was just anxious and worked up over the trip. I have never heard of a hyper betta, but that doesn't mean that there isn't some. I am going to continue the training with him, and if he doesn't settle down in a few more days, I'm going to show him a female, and see if he will focus on building a nest. If that doesn't work, I will be adding a filter with a current. I was thinking the same thing.

He doesn't even relax his fins. He doesn't show his beard, and he isn't stiffening his ventrals, but he holds all his fins up. Very beautiful! but cannot be good for him to be like this 24/7
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My giant girl used to pace the tank. She'd go back and forth across the front of the tank and never stopped swimming except in the dark the entire time I had her. She would get super excited over fish in a tank next to hers and then would go and pace back and forth next to it, all day. She'd practically jump out from excitement when I'd open the top to feed her. I just think she was a really happy fish. Maybe it's just a thing with giants?
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Both of my bettas are really hyper. I have seen them rest, but they zoom all over the tank and up and down the walls, especially when they notice you looking at them. It's kind of adorable.
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