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Originally Posted by John123 View Post
That information describes him perfectly,
and thank you very much for all the help. He seems pretty sick and i am really trying get him better, ill try the water changes first, along with more heat.

And the water is clear, i just changed it today.
The fish himself seems a bit fuzzy but i think it is because of the slime that is covering him.
The fuzzy kinda indicates either fungal infection, or body slime infection. Is it fuzzy?
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Thank you BeautifulBetta123, xShainax, and AyalaCookiejar.

That is exactly what i needed to know, i appreciate all the help!
I will start these steps
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No problem! I just hope you can make it to the local fish store (lfs) awfully quick because he should not live in those conditions much longer :o
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Also, API Triple Sulfa will treat body slime infection, true fungal infections and columnaris. If its fuzzy i think its more likely fungus than body slime. You can try AQ salt at 1tsp per gallon for ten days as a conservative treatment before using actual meds. Clean, warm (78 degree) water is essential, but if he recovers, a larger (2 gallon or bigger) tank is needed. You can purchase thermometers for as cheap as $1.50 and they are pretty important for every tank. Monitor the temp - if you can't get a heater right away, make sure the temp is at least stable. A 1/2 gallon will be extremely hard to find a heater for and heat consistently.

Also, getting him out of the distilled water is a must but you need conditioner in tap water (Seachem Prime is what I recommend) and you need to acclimate him very slowly to the tap water from the distilled because they will have different parameters.

Good luck to you both!
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Petsmart sells the 2.5 gallon tank for $13 and a 7.5 watt top fin heater for $12. I have found the Top Fin heaters to be very satisfactory.
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concerned, new beginner, sick beta, worried

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