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Questions about HITH

Hi again everyone :)
Sorry to be a nag, but the fact is, I've grown very attached to little finned friend and I'm very concerned about his well being...

I posted about his condition and provided all the background info on this thread I have stopped getting replies so I thought I'd start another thread with a more direct heading...

Now, just to reiterate, I've read on here about how to treat Hole in the head disease, but, I really want to get to the bottom of what might've caused it...and most importantly, if he recovers well, on how to prevent it from reoccurring.

I'm truly stumped...I did a little research online and one site said it's caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of nitrites, another site says it's due to nutritional deficiencies...and yet another that it's a contagious bacterial infection....WHICH ONE IS IT?!

WELL, my nitrites are at a constant 0ppm since his tank was not yet cycled and I feed him what is believed to be one of the best pellets in terms of nutritional value, Omega one, 3 pellets 2 times a day, supplemented by freeze dried bloodworms one day a week...If that isn't enough, I can certainly add a pellet or two more to his diet!

About it possibly being contagious, I'm concerned about how to properly treat his tank in order to avoid any possible relapse....I had only just set it up on March 16th with the works - sand, live plants, new decor, filter. As stated on my other thread, I went ahead and did a 95% water change, uprooted and rinsed out the plants and decor, tossed out the filter media...but since the substrate is sand, I fear something is still lurking in there...anyway, it's replanted, filled and running atm for my plants....If I do a few more water changes and keep my Inuyasha out of there for a few weeks, is that enough to kill this off without a host...or is it free living?

Please, if anyone has experience with this disease, I'd really appreciate some advice...sorry for writing out a tedious wall of print to read again....just goes to show how much I really want my boy to be well....

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Are there any good supplements to help boost his immune system out there?

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Never mind, I believe I have found some helpful info online.
Thanks anyway! :)
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