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Ok, I tested the tap and the spring water yesterday and let both sit until today in those party plastic cups. I didn't add an airstone.
Here are the results:

ph spring about 6
ph tap 7.6
ph tap high range 7.8

ph spring 6.4
ph tap 7.6
ph tap high range closest to 8.2 The color was really weird and didn't quite fit in the card. I looked at the other cards and it matched actually best with the 80 on the nitrate card. I tested twice to make sure I took the right bottle, right number of drops etc.

So, I guess, I shouldn't use the tap water at all and stay with the spring?

I still don't understand though, why the ph from the spring water in the aquarium went up so high in one day, from 6 to 7.2/7.6. Any ideas?
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The pH problem with spring water happened to me when I first got my betta. I was starting with a 6.8 and the next day it was reading 7.6 and I wasn't using any tap water mixed in. I'm not sure but my guess is that it has something to do with the GH and KH levels. I'm sure someone else here knows a lot more about that than I do. I do know that your fish is going to be more stressed out by the constant pH change than he will be by a high pH that stays steady so I would stick with tap water.
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So for x-mas this year, I got a larger tank, a 20gallon. I don't have the parameters, they are on the box, which went home with my dad yesterday... and I only have the filter for the tank. I have no rocks, or a heater or a thermomiter. Is it safe for me to start the testing, or should i wait untill I have the other stuff? I an also going to purchase a gravle vac. Should I get the one that removes the gravel, or the one that just sucks the gucky stuff from the gravel. The one that removes the gravle is alot cheaper.
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