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should i breed my bettas?

so excited my female betta (rae) I just bought from petsmart I her showed to my male betta (calamity) her stripes are very bold. and she is filled with eggs I wonder want im going to do. should I start on the infusoria culture? oh and my male is a burgundy red and my female is a royal blue I know I would get some red and some blue but would I get one with a hint of both?
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x: you should get everything ready first. and, breeding a blue and a red may give you just... blue and red. which are both very common.

it'd help to see a good, clear picture of both the male, and the female, as well as knowing their tail types.
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If she looks like she wants to breed, she doesn't have to. It's really up to you, you're the owner of these fish so yeah. Just know that it'll cost a lot of time and money for all the supplies. It'll easily cost $300 for F1. You'll also easily get up to 100 fry, usually more!!

If you can take on this responsibility, go for it!

As Luimeril said, those are common colors. You might have a harder time selling them.
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Reference Team
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I would not breed your pair. They sound like run of the mill pet store bettas, and while these make great pets there is really no point in breeding them. There is essentially no market for these fish and even if you get only 20-50 fry that survive to adulthood you are going to have a tough time doing anything but give them away.

Also you need more than an infusoria culture to rear fry. You are looking at live food cultures, BBS eggs and pellets once the fry get older. This is on top of the actual equipment such as tanks to grow the fry out in and jars to separate the males into.
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She may of filled with eggs, but neither are near ready to breed and to be healthy after breeding.

Look through the stickies, do some research, compile a list of what you need, and your goals from breed. Realize it can and often does cost about $500+ start up to breed one pair and to raise the babies successfully, etc. Also keep in mind you will spend hours a day on water changes, increase in electric/water bills, etc.

Just because she showed communication stripes (not just used for breeding.. just a word people use to describe them), doesn't mean she is eggy, nor ready/wanting to breed. My females to that to my males and they would rather kill the male if given the chance than to breed. The stripes are just communication and we don't know they are meaning with them when they show them always.
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