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Beta's mating but not spawning?

My multi colored crowntail male and female beta are in a tank separated by a clear divider. They usually ignore each other, but the female started showing vertical stripes and the male then started getting very showy to her through the glass (Occasional flaring and doing the *mating dance*). He seemed interested, but was not building his bubble nest.

So, for an experiment I let the female loose in the males tank under supervision for a short period of time. I read that sometimes the male prefers to make the bubble nest as the eggs are spawned, so I decided to test that theory.

So far, they have played tag and danced together, no apparent fighting. They have mated around 5 times, but the female does not appear to be spawning any eggs, nor is the male collecting anything. The female has been hanging out up top with the male and appears to want to mate, so I'm not sure why she's not spawning. They have been doing this for the last thirty minutes where they will swim around and mate/dance with each other when they meet up, but no eggs.

Any thoughts?

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I'm confused with the terms you are using.
Courting - the process of follow the leader - chase and tag
Spawning - the process of (for bettas) embracing when female releases eggs and male fertilizes them.
Mating = spawning (as far as I know)
Embracing - the process when male wraps the female which induces egg laying.

Virgin pairs usually need longer courting and spawning periods. They may embrace several times before any eggs are released. But once the eggs are released, usually female will release lots of eggs on each embrace. The spawning process may take a few hours to a full day - depending on the individual pair.

Since this sounds like an experiment, I hope you're not planning on keeping/rearing the eggs/fry. You can cull them by leaving female with eggs and male on the other side of the divider.
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