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Betta Fry Saying Goodbye to Dad & Feeding Question

I woke up and took Dad out of the fry tank this morning. It was day 3 and I noticed quite a few of the fry were swimming horizontally. Dad was spending more and more time away from the nest (what's left of it) and the bubbles were disappearing as the fry were swimming away, so I decided that it was time to take Dad out of the tank.

I put him in the isolation tank so he could recuperate and put some frozen bloodworms in his tank, but he didn't even look at them. Is this normal for him not to be eating after being taken from the spawning tank?

I researched and found that some male bettas can actually go through what would be considered "a depression," after being removed from his fry, what can I do to prevent this or make this easier on my male betta?

Fed the Fry For First Time:

Some of the fry are still swimming vertically only, but some are swimming horizontally so I figured that it was time to try and feed them. I got some microworms and scooped them out with a spoon (they were hard as heck see) and I put them in a tiny little container of water and then dumped the tiny tiny little container into the fry tank.

Now, here is my question:

How do I know that I put enough microworms in there and how do I even know if I put worms in there at all?

The fry are still so small (just a little tail with a black head) and the microworms are even smaller, so I cannot actually see them eating and I can BARELY see the microworms even in the container.

So is there any way to confirm that the babies have actually eaten the food?

What's the easiest way to feed microworms?
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You can't prevent the 'depression', some males go through it, others don't and the severity varies. Just keep an eye on him and offer him food a couple times a day, removing any uneaten shortly after feeding so it won't foul up the water.

Now you know he is a good daddy and next time can stay with the fry even longer.

Best way to get the microworms is you want to use a Q-tip or a (unused) popcicle stick and you want to wipe the sides of the container for the food.. don't take it off the top of it, but rather the sides - the ones crawling up the sides are what you want to feed. Then swish the Q-tip (what I use) in a bit of tank water to clean them off (throw away the Q-tips).

If you look closely, it's really not too hard to see the microworms swimming in the water in the tank. Little white worms.. Microworms are actually one of the bigger cultures, so should be able to see them.

You will just have to look and judge how much to feed.. I tend to make sure I have at least 3-5 containers of each kind of culture (I use Banana and Walter mostly.. MW if need be).. that way with multiple containers I have options and enough to feed multiple meals per day. One or two containers won't cut it if that is all you are feeding.

So remember.. every few days sprinkle with a tiny bit of yeast, depending upon how much food you use you will need to "restart" the culture every 2-4 weeks with fresh food, etc. Make sure to have a few cultures going of each type of food. Wipe the sides of the container to collect the food - Q-tip, finger, popcicle stick, etc, don't take off the top of the culture. Make sure to keep them in semi-darkness.. they don't mind some light as long as it's not direct. Microworms like the dark.

Look for the white wiggly worms in the tank and judge based off of how many fry you have, etc. If you can't see them then can try using a large magnifying glass to see if that helps. Feed at minimum 3 times a day to ensure that they are fed.
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thanks for the tips, it is kinda hard to get them off the sides of the container though because most seem to be in the actual oatmeal and i don't want to foul up the tank with oatmeal. But I did manage to dilute some in some water and I saw them swimming around, so I used an eye dropper to put them in the tank and saw some wiggling in there.
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Another way,is to put some paper towel on top of your culture medium,spray it with water until moist.
The worms will go on top of the paper and you can take them off of it with a q-tip.
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My worms are all the way to the lid. Way easy to harvest. Just swipe and swish!
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thanks i used the paper towel method it seems to be easiest, but u do get a little of the oatmeal in there, but u get A LOT of worms. is there a way to reduce the oatmeal with the paper towel method?

thank u everyone else too
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