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A big thank you everyone for your advice! He recovered nicely and is now happily swimming around in his new tank. I actually think it had something to do with the stones I initially put in his tank. Even though they were thoroughly washed there was a very noticeable residue left in the container I used to wash them in. So that, combined with the fact that he picked up very quickly once I removed him from the tank with the stones, has led me to believe that it may have been the stones rather than stress - or maybe a combination of both. I thought river stones would be fine to use but i will be extra cautious from now on! Thanks again guys!
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float, and, if you have time, add small amounts of water at regular intervals. I use a turkey baster to take tank water and squirt it into the bag the fish are in. 10 minutes, anhother squirt.
If it is your own tank water that it is in, you can probably dispense with dumping all the water out, and then dump fish into it's new home.
At this point, I can hardly recommend a quarantine tank more... saved my skin more than once..

Lastly, I'm glad your new fish is apparently perking up. Give it places to hide, dim lights, avoid walking quickly by tank...anything you can think of to avoid stressing him. If it is meant to be, he'll perk up.
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