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This thread I have bookmarked might help you out too
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Blue Fish
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Sororities are a lot of fun. :) I've only just set up one, but it's been a blast watching them interact. :)

Also, don't forget that you can mix live and silk plants, there's no reason you can't use both if you want to. :) All my tanks currently have combinations (as I don't have enough plants to do just live as of yet), and it's working out well. :)
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I just bought 2 new girls last night and they are in breeder boxes awaiting to meet the sorority When you get started let us know we can help you through it, some of us have a lot of experience with sororities. I've gone through 3 tries on this and my last one was a success, but disease only left me with 4.
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thanks I think I'll be getting the tank tomorrow but my mom said we might not be able to get the fish right after the tank is cycled because we will be leaving for a week in may but We are going to see my cousins (hail0788 is my cousin) and she has a sorority so seeing it might make her want to set the tank up when we get back!
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That gives you a good amount of time to get the tank cycled. A bit of ammonia, some bacteria booster (might as well get the colony started, it doesn't just appear out of thin air, well it does if you want to wait for a long long time). By time you get back it'l probably be ready! Plants speed the process up.

Everyone has their take on cycling, some people can be so religious about their method that they ignore science.

Do you have several large jars you could house the females in temporarily? It may be wise to get them and keep them in these jars next to each other for a while to gauge each of their aggression - which would determine who goes in first and who goes in last. I keep my girls in divided tanks for days or even more than a week before I put them all in together. Jars work fine for this too but they may need some of their water changed daily. Sororities are a lot of work to get going, but once they're going and settled (after a few weeks) it's like any other fish tank, except with a lot more personality!
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