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Talking questions about my newbee

I have had one betta for half a year but unfortunatly he recently passed away this week . my sister has a betta too, Aqua, but i have put him under my wing because he is kept in terrible condition. i just got a betta, Phoenix, and he is so adorable. he is obveously happy in his small 1.5 - 2 g tank with no filter or heater. i know its not a lot but my parents wont allow for more due to financial cost. im not here to get lectured about how awful it is for my betta. today i came home from school to find he made a bubble nest! sorry, no mating for you . first thing is that ive noticed a black edge on one of his fins (hes a double veil tail) and i worry its fin rot. his behaviour isnt being affected at all and i constantly am cleaning his tank ( twice a week, 1 -50%, 1 -100%) and his fins arent getting shorter. i put a bit of bettafix in just in case (i know its suposed to be bad but it works for me). also Aqua is becoming very lethargic, staying at the bottom. he looks slightly clamped but other than that his apperance has changed other than that. i feed each one 4 pellets of Aqueon bettafood a day and every 2-3 days I'll give them a couple dried blood worms. Phoenix has a live bamboo plant that he LOVES and Aqua prefers a fake one. ive already read all stickys.
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I believe that it might be black butterflying. You obviously know a lot about bettas already. Good job! :) anyways, you should just what his fins and post any updates. The tank sounds fine to me. I haven't had bamboo, but I heard that you can't have the leaves in the water. Anyways, I wouldn't dose the tank unless absolutely needed. I would change Aqua's water about 80-100% daily. Again, don't dose any tanks. You could get some aquarium salt and/or stress coat to add to the tank(s). I use it with my bettas and they love it. My bettas got into a fight and my male CT had a chunk bit out of his back. With the treatment of only stress coat and aquarium salt, he healed completely within a week. I've never seen anything else like it. I would only put about a 1/4 of a teaspoon in the tank(s). I wish you the best. :)
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