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so he definitely is bloated.he was fine for the past two days and when i fed him again today, he's suddenly experiencing the symptoms that the swim bladder disorder creates. I'm thinking now it might be the food (for right now all I really have is flaked food), but I also have freeze dried worms and am currently going to get pellets soon. What food is best anyway?
And is there an easy alternative in fixing his problem? I can't really get anywhere to purchase anything and I am living on residence.
He's not really looking good today. He's looking pretty bloated but it's not too bad.
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For now fast him until he makes. Then feed him the freeze dried worms until you can get him the pellets. The flakes are mostly vegative and very binding for our little bettas. Bettas are a carnivorious fish, so a diet of dried blood worms, brine shrimp, and Betta pellets are the best. Betta pellets are high in protien and are a better choice, but they do not meet all the dietary needs either. That is why I switch off with the worms and shrimp to meet all their needs.
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What kind of flakes? I feed mine bettamin flakes and they all do very well on them as a staple. But, like has been said, it needs to be a flake made for bettas, not just a tropical flake. Are you rehydrating the freeze-dried bloodworms before feeding? Sometimes they can expand once they are ingested leading to bloating.

You will need to fast him until he returns to normal. Then try feeding a little daphnia or if you don't have any, a thawed, deshelled, and mashed up pea will work for now until you can get some. Basically, the fiber will not be digested well, and in the process will "clean/clear" the digestive tract.

The diet that I feed my bettas consists of bettamin flakes (you can use a good quality pellet as well) as a staple. With alternate feedings of frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia throughout the week. I usually use the daphnia on a day when I don't feed them in the morning, then give them a little daphnia at night.
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